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We don't keep the confidentiality for the information which you reply to the website of Xiamen C&D Group Co., Ltd. Once you reply to our website, you have authorized us the irrepealably and unlimited right to use, copy, distribute, modify your information, as well as the agreement on that Xiamen C&D Group Co., Ltd. is allowed to use any plan or concept which included in your response for any use for free. However, we will not disclose your name unless the law requires it or we acquire your authorization in written form.

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1.Never sell or lease the personal information of the client, potential client and website visitor to anyone. Xiamen C&D guarantee to protect the personal privacy.

2.We only send email to the users who willing this, i.e. the users willing to keep in touch with our company through online or off-line promotion activities.

3.We will take necessary preventive measures to reinforce the monitoring and control of Spam email.

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