C&D Group Forms Strategic Partnership with HBIS Group


On March 6th, C&D Group and HBIS Group signed a full-industry chain strategic cooperation framework agreement in Xiamen. The strategic cooperation agreement was signed in the presence of key executives from both HBIS Group and C&D Group. From HBIS Group, Yu Yong, the Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman, and Hu Zhigang, the Chief Accountant and CFO, were present. Representing C&D Group were Huang Wenzhou, the Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman, and Zheng Yongda, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager. The agreement was formally signed by Li Yiren, HBIS Group's Deputy General Manager and Chief Strategy Officer, and Cheng Dongfang, the Deputy General Manager of C&D Inc. and General Manager of the Steel & Iron Group, acting as representatives for their respective companies.

According to the agreement, C&D Group and HBIS Group will explore cooperative development opportunities in supply chain, steel deep processing, future scenario solutions for home appliances, digital industry, urban mineral resource development and utilization, and modern enterprise management. The collaboration aims to optimize resource allocation between the two groups, building an industrial community with higher market competitiveness and strategic synergy. Through cooperation, both sides aim to enhance quality and efficiency, ensuring stable development, and actively fulfilling their social responsibilities as state-owned enterprises.

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